New Domains

[Originally published 2014-10-01]
New Domain Names

In case you haven't noticed, domain names are in the news because a whole bunch of new names have become available.

Even the smallest business needs web exposure to compete well nowadays and many clinics can also benefit from having their own web address.
Until recently, the standard stock of names for NZ businesses included suffixes of
However, new suffixes have become available including .kiwi and .nz which means the web addresses can be shorter and more memorable.
If you want help with obtaining a new address or ensuring more traffic comes to your existing one, then eSage can assist with the process and make recommendations.
If you have an existing web address and don't want others to take new addresses too similar to your own, then securing more domain names can ensure that doesn't happen. You don't have to lose what you already have and traffic from any new address can be directed to your existing address, or vice versa. A new address doesn't even need to be similar to your own.
As an example, traffic to both and is taken to

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