Privacy Policy

vaulteSage takes data privacy very seriously. Trusted by clinics nation-wide since year 2000, eSage director Steven Korunic (aka ‘Steve K’) treats your data with upmost security, and, where practical, any data stored pending processing is encrypted. No-one gets to access your data except Steve K.

When projects are finished, data is purged as soon as practical. Some companies prefer eSage hold copies of data for future referencing and troubleshooting. In these cases, data is always stored encrypted, so, if disaster strikes, the data is as safe from unauthorised use as can practically be. In fact, at eSage the data is generally more secure than the source data at the client’s own premises. This is especially important for companies whose data includes medical or legally privileged information on large clientele databases.

Apart from where the customer gives permission, even the fact of their patronage is confidential.