About Us


Like many IT support and consultation providers, eSage is essentially a home-office based team staffed by a husband and wife team. Its principal Steven Korunic (a.k.a. ‘Steve K’) has worked supporting Macs for clinics since year 2000 so has built plenty of trust and good reputation among the users in that time.

eSage can work with your existing IT guys to complement any project requirements.

When it comes to computers, eSage has an Apple ecosystem strength but we can deal with Windows systems depending on the nature of the issue.

What We Offer


Remote Support

With TeamViewer within seconds eSage can virtually visit your screen to sort most issues. It doesn’t matter whether it is for home or office, the method is the same. For frequent and heavy use customers, permanent connection can be set up. This is particularly useful for servers that may need maintenance support in the middle of the night.


On-site Support

In cases when remote support isn’t practical or possible, a site visit is done. All of Auckland is covered and, in dire circumstances, even further afield.


Visit eSage

If needing to drop off or pick up a device being repaired clients may visit eSage and save themselves any call-out fees for the same.



Mt Albert Medical Centre - Auckland

”I have been a user of the expert advice and valued assistance of Steve K at my workplace since 2000. In all that time the service I have received has been of excellent value and always uncompromisingly of the highest quality. The Mt Albert Medical Centre is very great full to have the use of the services eSage offers. Long May it continue!” - Dr M C L Hewitt


NZ Marine Valuations - Auckland

“… I can text Steve 24/7, ‘are you there please assist, I have a deadline for a report, urgent’. We recommend Steve, we are totally satisfied with his ongoing Service, he is a very pleasant person, he is considered a key player in our business, and a friend." - Director Ian Walker


City Health Limited - Wellington

”…I have used the IT support of Steven Korunic, recently of eSage for many years.I have always found him courteous, friendly, approachable but most of all effective. I am happy to recommend him.” - Dr John Gyenge


SkinFresh Clinic - Auckland

”I highly recommend Steve at eSage to any customers who need any computer or IT support, he listens to your needs, gives you an estimate of time and works hard to get a positive resolution to problems, often suggesting security and time saving ideas as a bonus.” - Practice Manager Raechel Allen for Dr Frances Pitsilis


Simon McMahon - Dunedin

”Steve K is our ‘go to’ tech because of his extensive knowledge of all things Mac (and what plugs in to them). He is very thorough, good diagnostically, very patient, honest and trustworthy. I thoroughly recommend him.” - Practice Manager Kate McMahon for Dr Simon McMahon


Intrahealth Systems Limited

”…Steven's strengths are his hardworking attitude, attention to detail and empathetic approach to dealing with customers in sometimes difficult circumstances. Always polite, punctual and personable, Steve was a trusted and valuable member of staff…” - General Manager James Penfold